Testimony from Owner Consultant Joe Guentert

My company, Power Distribution Systems, is completely focused on electrical power systems for Critical Power facilities. We've been involved in many, many dozens of very large mission-critical facilities over the past 20 years.

Over time, these power systems have increased exponentially in terms of loads served and in terms of system complexity, as we've asked our "switchgear" to become smarter and smarter, to perform more and more functions, and as we layered level after level of control and monitoring and protective functions into the equipment.

About 15 years or so ago, we more or less "hit a wall" with this growth. Not a single major U.S. manufacturer of electrical equipment had developed the capabilities or capacity needed to keep pace with this growth in scope and complexity. We would receive many millions of dollars worth of switchgear at a particular site, and would spend literally months in troubleshooting wiring errors and problems with functional operation of control and protective systems. More disturbingly, while we would order maybe 20 or 30 of "identical" lineups of equipment from a given manufacturer for a particular project, we would find that no two of them were actually alike when they arrived. A set of problems we'd find within one piece of equipment would be completely different from the set of problems we'd find in the next lineup.

I was introduced to Standard Controls in 1999. On my very first major project with SCI, the equipment arrived at the site nearly perfectly wired. Very, very few errors, and the equipment was successfully started up and commissioned in record time, with minimal frustration and no wasted motion.

SCI has been successful in developing wiring methods and processes and testing procedures that eliminate errors, and result in "identical" items of equipment being truly "identical". At the same time, SCI has developed capacity to turn out huge volumes of equipment with speed and accuracy.

This is a business where "ISO Certifications" and "Six Sigma" processes mean what they were really supposed to mean back in the very beginning, before those concepts became so polluted in so many ways, and devolved to become simply buzzwords in so many manufacturing businesses.

The total package, in my view, is unmatched anywhere, and is phenomenally capable.

Joe Guentert - Owner
Power Distribution Systems
16117 Riverpointe Drive
Charlotte, NC 28278