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The Critical Standard for Power Applications

Standard Controls’ critical power systems ensure continuous power and the provision of rotary UPS, static UPS and generator back-up power in the event of a utility failure.  Standard Controls’ key competency is to design, build, and deliver fully customized medium and low voltage switchgear and switchboards, on-time, fully tested, pre-configured, and ready for immediate operation, in industry-best lead times.

Application Expertise:
•    PLC Systems – Modicon, Allen Bradley, GE, others
•    Custom HMI Touchscreens
•    Communications Systems
•    Remote Monitoring Capability
•    Power Metering
•    Standard and Custom Control Transfer Schemes
•    Vendor Gear Selection – SquareD, Eaton, Siemens, IEM, GE, Standard Control’s Custom
•    BMS (Building Management System) Interface

Project Management – SCI coordinates all details of the project by working with the owner, owner’s rep, consulting engineers, UPS manufacturers, general and electrical contractors, switchgear manufacturers and other project participants to develop an integrated mission critical solution. SCI’s goal is to anticipate and protect the owner’s best interest and deliver the system they expect.

Engineering Solutions – For more than a decade, SCI’s engineering staff has designed thousands of complex custom critical power systems as large as 80 MW. This experience allows us to design the perfect system for the application – every time. Our engineering staff is collocated with production, in addition to collaborating with, QC and testing during all phases of integration.

Fast-Track Delivery – SCI has developed revolutionary lean engineering and manufacturing processes that substantially reduce the time from the placement of order to on-site operation. SCI understands and delivers complex systems in weeks that may take switchgear manufacturers months to develop and install.

“Non-Event” Start-Up – All systems undergo extensive quality control inspections and robust field scenario testing with voltage applied before shipment. Components are selected for durability and reliability. PLC programming is fully simulated in test labs before installation and testing at the factory. Systems are preconfigured at the factory, and may be designed for plug-and-play installation. These factors eliminate the need for extensive wiring on-site and virtually eliminate start-up headaches.

Quality Performance – SCI’s standards for quality and performance are among the highest in the industry. Quality inspections are conducted on an ongoing basis during all phases of engineering and production. Ally systems are pre-configured and undergo energized simulation testing before delivery. Customers always have the option to conduct factory acceptance tests at the SCI facility prior to shipment.


Client Testimony

My company, Power Distribution Systems, is completely focused on electrical power systems for Critical Power facilities. We've been involved in many, many dozens of very large mission-critical facilities over the past 20 years.