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Standard Controls offers the best in custom design, development and integration of advanced automation systems solutions.  

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Quality Systems

The Baldrige "Hamburger" illustrates the framework of the SCI Quality Management System

Baldridge Quality Management System

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Focus
  • Measurement & Analysis
  • Workforce Focus
  • Operations Focus
  • Results

SCI trains employees to minimize waste and improve production flow using hands-on-simulation.

Lean Production Systems


  • Six Sigma Blackbelt
  • Concurrent design
  • Modular production
  • Cycle time
  • Start up time
  • Waste reduction

ISO Processes

  • Documentation
  • Measurement
  • Preventive action
  • Management review
  • Continuous improvement
  • Process & system audits
  • Customer satisfaction driven

Supply Chain Management

  • Partnership
  • Selection
  • Scorecard
  • Collaboration
  • Continuous improvement
  • Value management

QC Testing

  • ANSI / UL Compliant testing
  • Certified test reports
  • Full functional testing
  • Sub assembly quality checks
  • Traceability
  • Performance metrics
  • Custom test fixtures

Industry Standards


  • ANSI
  • UL
  • NEMA
  • NEC / NFPA
  • CSA
  • CUL
  • IBC
  • IEC


Quality Policy

Standard Controls selects, trains, develops, and promotes team members who are passionate about producing quality work.

The work we are producing today will be held to the highest standards of quality and is even better than the work we produced yesterday.

We will be honest with ourselves and our customers about the quality of our products and services and use that information to improve all areas of our business.