Consult with Switchgear Experts

We know your pain, we hear it every day

"It's really difficult working with the switchgear manufacturer to get customized systems".      

The major switchgear manufacturers prefer to mass produce standard gear, hundreds of standard structures in a high efficiency model.  A custom job just creates a bottleneck that may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in opportunity to the plant manager.  It makes sense that the OEM doesn't like to slow down the plant by making something custom.  That is our core competency. 

"The lead times are too long for my project".

You know the drill... if you want something custom from a major gear manufacturer get ready to wait several additional weeks.  And if not, be prepared to pay a lot.  Our modular and concurrent manufacturing and engineering processes can shave weeks and dollars out of your projects.    

"Once the gear arrives it takes months to install and get it right".   

Typically, 25%-40% of the wiring is performed in the field by electricians, causing unnecessary delays, troubleshooting, and testing. There could be thousands of field connections, all presenting an opportunity for error.  Our plug and play systems allow you to install and connect the wiring perfectly in days rather than months.  Standard Controls takes pride in shipping it right and providing hassle free "non-event" start-ups and commissioning.   

"Nobody in my organization really knows switchgear, we need an expert we can rely upon so we can focus on our business".

The truth is, there are very few real experts in mission critical power applications, and the ones that are don't always have your best interest at heart.  We take project management to the next level, involving the owner, owner's reps, consultants, equipment providers, and contractors from the first day of the project.  This ensures alignment of all parties and makes sure the owner gets exactly what he wants and what he paid for.