Designing a Critical Power System

For many companies, today's competitive and results-focused business environment leaves zero room for downtime. A few seconds of power failure in your facility can have an irreparable impact on your customers, your reputation and the bottom line. 

Standard Controls offers Turn-key custom low and medium voltage switchboards and switchgear for companies that operate financial, corporate, commercial, and containerized data centers as well as serving the specialized needs of the telecom market and other critical power applications.

Our systems detect and monitor main utility power, and ensure the provision of rotary and generator back up in the event of failure, seamlessly providing continuous power to your facility.

We manage communication and coordination across all channels including the owner, consultants, UPS manufacturers, EPMS manufacturers, generator manufacturers, switchgear manufacturers and contractors to provide a one-stop source for an integrated solution. We have a proven track record in projects ranging in size from 250 KW to 72 MW Tier 4 data center systems.

We have extensive experience integrating critical power systems that utilize rotary power systems and have been involved in the integration of over 255,600 KW of rotary UPS systems.

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