By: Ron Hall

Neptune Wave Newsletter

 October 1, 2011

We are getting very excited about our upcoming Model 3.0 sea trials.  This major milestone comes after a long year of research and development that took us from software modeling through scaled models to today's reality.

New Patents Granted

The USPTO has granted Neptune Wave Power two additional patents to add to our continuosly growing IP portfolio.  We also have 2 patents that are still pending and a number of others in the works.  

Intellectual property development and protection continues to be a strategic and ongoing activity within the company as we create value for our shareholders. 

Standard Controls Partnership

We have partnered with Standard Controls (, a leading engineering firm in Dallas, for the development and construction of our controls and tuning systems going forward.  

Jon Loshinsky, President of Standard Controls, has also agreed both to join our Advisory Board and to become a direct investor.  Standard Controls has been working closely with our fabrication partners AC Horn ( to complete the fabrication, assembly, and testing of all Model 3.0 systems and sub-systems.

Advisory Board Expands

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Blake Sellers and Mr. Jon Loshinsky as the newest members of our advisory board.  Mr. Sellers and Mr. Loshinsky bring additional management and engineering depth and expertise to our already impressive group of advisors.  

For more information, please visit the Press Release page in our website.  Mr. Sellers and Mr. Loshinsky's bios can also be found in the Advisory Board page of our website.  


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Rene Larrave